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Having a special interest in psychopharmacology, Dr Assaf is an author of many papers in this domain. He is also a speaker and consultant for most of the pharmaceutical companies and has contributed in many campaigns designed to raise psychiatric awareness within the medical community in Lebanon and close countries.




Cholinesterases and cholinesterase inhibitors: a review (poster presented at the CINP – Collegium Internationale de Neuropsychopharmacologicum, Munich, July 12-18th 2008)


Alcool: du sang à l’air


Le trouble panique
Cholinesterases and cholinesterase inhibitors


Neuroplasticité et neurogenèse: une nouvelle hypothèse physiopathologique de la dépression


Epidémiologie de la schizophrénie et des délires chroniques non schizophréniques




Pathophysiology of depression (Internal Medicine Society congress, Lebanon)


Duloxetine and depression (Mental health forum, Syria)
Depression: body and mind
Effectiveness: importance of adherence (GCC, Dubai)
Weight loss and Duloxetine (Neuroscience forum, Lebanon)
Depression: the extended pathophysiology
Depression: a disease of the brain only?
Zyprexa IM: improving the treatment of agitation (Syria)
Bipolar disorder: what you should know
Dementia: a disorder we should remember
Dependences: the worldwide new plague
Anxiety disorders: the fears
The antipsychotics: the same?
Pathophysiology of schizophrenia and psychosis
Depression: the truth
Differentiating psychiatric from non psychiatric illness


Depression: what’s new?
Depression: the novelties
The updated neurobiology of depression
Neurobiology of depression
Bipolar disorder: the spectrum
An update on bipolar disorder
Depression: in the brain and beyond
Stress and depression
Stress and pain


Antipsychotics: the differences
Schizophrenia: the biological basis
Depression and antidepressants
Psychiatric versus non psychiatric: where are the boundaries?
Depression, pain and Duloxetine


Healing body and mind in depression
Olanzapine in bipolar I disorder
Aripiprazole: what psychiatrists should know
Depakine: what psychiatrists must absolutely know
Duloxetine: healing body and mind in depression
Risperdal in bipolar disorder: where do we stand?


The role of Olanzapine in relapse prevention in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
CATIE 2T: the same as CATIE 1?
Rivastigmine versus donepezil in dementia: the EXCEED study
Depakine: what’s new for psychiatrists?


Optimizing pharmacological treatments of psychotic disorders Rivastigmine in the management of dementia

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