• Doctorate of Medicine (2003, Saint Joseph University, Beirut)
  • Psychiatry (2007, Saint Joseph University, Beirut)
  • Cognitive and Behavioral therapies (2004), a type of psychotherapy designed to allow the patient to identify his automatic thoughts, regroup them into dysfunctional cognitive processes and finally to access his wrongful schemas, which will allow him to change his behavior subsequently.
  • Addictology (2009), a field of psychiatry interested in treating the various aspects of addictions.

Dr ASSAF also worked in a mental health project for the Palestinian refugees of the Northern camps in Lebanon following the Nahr El Bared crisis that emerged in summer 2007, as well as with the Lebanese nongovernmental organization AJEM (Association Justice Et Misericorde) that works inside the prison of Roumieh in various projects aiming different inmate populations (tortured prisoners, Iraqi refugees), most notably with the addicts in a rehabilitation center within the prison.

Continuous Medical Education (outside Lebanon)

Writing scientific papers (Hikma), Istanbul, Turkey
Depression and psychosis (Eli Lilly), Istanbul, Turkey

ECNP, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Neurobiology of depression III, Vienna, Austria

ECNP, Istanbul, Turkey
Pathophysiology of mental illness (Hikma), Egypt
Neurobiology of depression II, Vienna, Austria

CINP, Munich, Germany
IRBD, Copenhagen, Denmark
Novelties in psychiatry (Lundbeck), Budapest, Hungary
Arab mental disorders congress (Hikma), Jordan

The pathophysiology of pain, Dubai, UAE

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