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The deadly quest for pleasure: Addictions

Addiction is the world’s new plague. It has ravaged every country, every home and is currently invading our homeland. It is a neurobiological pattern of a relationship to a substance or a behavior. You can get addicted to hash, heroin, coke, LSD, ecstasy, pills, but also to sex, work, sports, gambling or the Internet… Its core symptoms are tolerance (need of higher doses to obtain the same effect) and withdrawal (psychological or physiological symptoms you get upon cessation to consume the substance). Moreover, you spend all your time thinking about your next dose, how to be financially able to get it (even if it means stealing or selling your personal belongings), you practically do nothing more in life, you try to quit many times and you fail, finding yourself exceeding every day the dose you promised yourself you will take, not even caring about what drugs have done to your health, family, academic achievements, professional life and legal status...

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Probability of dependence after you have used  the substance once

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