My mood is seesaw: Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a disease in which the mood fluctuates beyond the normal limits, ranging from the upper positive of mania to the lower negative pole of depression, passing by periods where all is well.

What is depression?

Please refer to the “depression” section in “psychiatric disorders”.

What is mania?

It is an episode during which the patient has abnormal mood, usually very high, unadapted to the reality of things, irritable and rapidly fluctuating. The acronym DIG FAST can be used for a rapid screening of symptoms.

  • D: Distractibility (low concentration, easily distractible)
  • I: Insomnia
  • G: Grandiosity (feelings of greatness, superiority, uniqueness)
  • F: Flight of ideas (multiple ideas expressed together in his speech, making it barely understandable)
  • A: increase in goal-directed Activities (continuous search for pleasurable activities: spending money, hypersexuality,
        smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs,…)
  • S: pressured Speech (rapid speech, talking too much, almost unstoppably)
  • T: Thoughtlessness (high risk activities: sex, projects, drugs,…)

This disease is very misleading to the patient because he only feels it when he passes through depressed phases where all seems black in his life, whereas he feels he is fine in the “normal” phases and “superfine” in the manic phases where he has to be forced into treatment since he cannot notice this phase is pathological due to the very nature of illness.

If you feel your mood is a seesaw, consult us.

If you feel his mood is a seesaw, consult us.

If you feel her mood is a seesaw, consult us.


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